Woo.com migrating back to WooCommerce.com

In an effort to enhance our brand visibility and searchability, particularly after challenges posed by Google’s March update, Woocommerce are returning to its original domain name, WooCommerce.com. This decision comes after careful consideration and consultation with a team of SEO experts. We believe this move will strengthen the WooCommerce brand and benefit the wider Woo community.

What You Need to Do: Please update any references from Woo.com to WooCommerce.com in your marketing materials, documentation, or code. This change will take effect on April 9, 2024, aligning with our strategy to bolster WooCommerce’s recognition within the Woo ecosystem.

Branding and Visual Identity: There are no changes required for branding or visual identity; Woocommerce’s core brand remains as Woo. This domain shift is part of woocommerce broader strategy to refine and enhance the Woocommerce brand’s impact.

Woocommerce understands that this update may require some adjustments on your part, and Woocommerce greatly appreciates your cooperation as we work towards enhancing our market presence and expanding our reach. Thank you for your continued support and partnership.


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